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Stonefence Precast Concrete Walls. Priced from R830p/m for 1.8m High

Stonefence precast concrete walls is a new concept of precast walls  in Pretoria that will give you the same aesthetic quality of a stone wall at a fraction of the price of a stone wall. Our Stonefence precast concrete walls Pretoria is very affordable and looks just like a stone wall, has a double sided stone texture, and comes with a precast concrete caprail top and comes in different affordable prices and heights, just like other precast concrete walls in Pretoria. Our Stonefence precast concrete walls are perfect for your new garden wall and will compliment any current garden wall in Pretoria.

Our precast walling factory is based in Pretoria east and we install our Stonefence precast concrete walls in the following areas: Pretoria, Pretoria east, Pretoria north, Pretoria west, Pretoria Centurion, Midrand, Benoni, Springs, Bronkhorstspruit, Cullinan. We also have a factory in Johannesburg so we can help with brickcrete double sided precast walls anywhere in Gauteng. Advantages of Stonefence precast concrete walls:

The following advantages is applicable to our Stonefence precast concrete walls Pretoria:

  • Precast concrete Stonefence walls is much more affordable and effective than a stone walls in Pretoria. Depending of the height you want your price can be up to 60% less than a stone wall. This is a very affordable option that will give everything you want from a wall at a much lower affordable price. As there is less labour involved in concrete walls the job is done at an affordable price. You do not need to spend your budget on your Pretoria garden walls.
  • Stonefence precast concrete walls can be erected much faster than a stone wall in Pretoria. You get the same looks as a stone wall with our precast stonefence wall but with much less hassle and stress. We come in, do the stone type installation, clean your premises and are out before 3 p.m. We can usually erect up to 30m of Stonefence concrete walling in one day.
  • Building a stone wall leaves a big mess of your garden. Precast concrete Stonefence walls is much neater to install with minimum impact on your Pretoria garden walls. We do not have to enter your premises with big equipment and huge amounts of stone building materials that will stay on your premises for weeks and mess up your garden walls. Our material gets moved from the Pretoria factory to the truck straight in the new stone type precast concrete wall. Minimun mess.
  • With our double sided pattern neighbours in Pretoria can now share the costs as both will get a beautiful bi sided stone look wall. Our Pretoria customers can also use our Stonefence precast concrete walls in their front yards as it is not something you will want to hide as it looks so beautiful and has the same stone look on both sides!
  • Oxide is coloured right through our Stonefence precast concrete walls. This oxide is imported and will ensure a long lasting appeal that will not peel from your Stonefence precast wall. Our different oxides is specially mixed to blend in with existing Pretoria buildings and Pretoria  landscapes as well as current garden walls in Pretoria.
  • All our Stonefence walls comes with an optional caprail trim that will finish off your Stonefence precast concrete wall nicely. Caprail is only for aesthetic appeal and does not make a difference to the strength or stability of your garden wall.
  • Stonefence precast concrete wall pillars comes with a 500mm concrete foundation and a half brick on top of foundation on which the Stonefence panel rests as to insure no sagging of the stone type wall. 

All Stonefence precast concrete walls is also reinforced with steel. 4 strands in the Stonefence pillar and 2 strands in every precast stone panel. This will ensure that the Stonefence precast concrete wall can not be broken easily as the steel will keep the precast concrete wall together.

Pricelist 2020 PretoriaStonefenceCaprail Top
1.8m (6ft)
2.1m (7ft)
2.4m (8ft)

We provide the market with affordable and beautifull privacy solutions in Gauteng.

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