Block Brick Precast Wall From R535 p.m.

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Pricelist 2020 PretoriaBlock Brick Precast
1.8m (6ft)
2.1m (7ft)
2.4m (8ft)


Our Block brick precast concrete walls in Pretoria is a very common precast vibracrete prefab wall in Pretoria. It is also called Jumbo. In some circles our walls are known as stop nonsense walls as they are quick to erect with minimum mess and will add privacy and security to your property. 

Why Block brick?

Block brick concrete precast wall is the most cost effective precast concrete walling method. It is manufactured using a normal cement blend that gives a grey finish and a single sided texture. All our prefab concrete walls are reinforced with steel to ensure a strong and sturdy end product. We manufacture our stop nonsense walls using the best aggregated and cement available .All prefabricated walls  comes in the following heights: 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m high. Pillars are planted 500mm into the ground with concrete and cement mixture that will ensure your wall does not sag or lean over. Block brick precast walls are also very fast to install and we can usually install your precast concrete wall in a day(Up to 30m)

Where do we work?

Exclusive walls manufactures and erect precast concrete fence walls in Pretoria, Gauteng. We work in all areas in Pretoria – Pretoria East, Pretoria North, Petoria West, Montana, Moot, Centurion as well as all surrounding areas. and Johannesburg(Sandton, Westrand, Eastrand, Johannesburg north, Johannesburg south, Vaal triangle etc)

Advantages of Block Brick Precast Walls

  •    Most affordable walling method.
  •    Very fast and clean installation.
  •    Easy to repair and extend.
Conclusion: This is the best option if you want a fast affordable wall with minimum mess to you garden

We provide the market with affordable and beautifull privacy solutions in Gauteng.

best quality Precast Concrete Brickcrete, Stonefence and Woodcrete walling materials  AND SERVICE AVAILABLE IN PRETORIA!!!