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  • Same aesthetic quality of a brick wall on both sides at a much lower cost.
  • Invisible panel interlock.
  • No maintenance.
  • Oxide mixed right through the wall, no just on surface.
  • Quick neat installation.
  • Poles are planted 600mm deep, reinforced concrete

Normally we require a 1-2 week lead time before we can start.

Depending on terrain we can erect 30-60m per day.

  • Brickcrete provides a patterned texture on both sided.
  • Brickrete is stronger and thicker than conventional precast.
  • Brickcrete is coloured throughout with oxide.
  • Invisible panel interlock on coloured brickcrete.
  • With Brickcrete you have an option of a caprail trim.

To colour our concrete precast brickcrete walls we use a superior quality oxide that we mix with the cement to ensure a consistent colour right through the material.

Yes you can build a room. We do not do the erection ourselves but can refer you to an installer and sell you the material.

The estimated lifespan of a Precast concrete and brick Crete wall is between 30 and 50 years. The variation is due to climate and soil conditions. The more stable the soil and the weather, the longer the lifespan. 

The Brick Crete Concrete walls are available in four standard colours namely Beige, Tan, Plum and the multi coloured wall. The Stone Crete concrete walls are in the standard stone colour and the Wood Crete is also in the standard dark wood colour. The louver walls are in the plain grey colour.

We provide the market with affordable and beautifull privacy solutions in Gauteng.

best quality Precast Concrete Brickcrete, Stonefence and Woodcrete walling materials  AND SERVICE AVAILABLE IN PRETORIA!!!