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Priced from R320 per section. To extend by 1 precast concrete slab

At Exclusive walls no precast wall repair or extension is to small. We have dedicated xtend a wall teams servicing the Vibracrete repairs and extensions market in Pretoria. We do all types of precast concrete wall extensions in Pretoria and surrounding areas. There is 2 options available to our clients looking to repair or extend their vibracrete walls: You can DIY your precast wall extension or repair or you can let us do all the concrete wall extension or repair hard work for you.

DIY Concrete Precast Wall Extension. Stop nonsense wall extensions

How to xtend a wall with concrete precast walling panels that you get from Exclusive walls:

Precast stop nonsense extensions options:

A. DIY concrete precast wall extension

B. We do all the hard work for you


A    DIY Concrete Precast Wall extension

DIY will save you money on your stop nonsense wall extension.

Exclusive walls will share our 20  years wall extension knowledge with you so that you DIY your stop nonsense extension. Precast concrete wall extension is like brain sugery,easy if you know how. If you have the right concrete wall extension material and knowledge. This will result in savings to you our customer. Just follow this step by step xtend a wall instructions to learn how to DIY your own concrete precast walling extension.

Before you start to xtend a wall or mend a wall answer the following:

  • How high do you want to xtend a wall? 1 Slab, 2 slabs or3 slabs up.
  • How many precast concrete poles do you need to extend?
  • You then must work out precast concrete panels will you need for the concrete wall extension?
  • What is the size from centre to centre of your concrete wall poles. Must be either 1.22 meters, 1.44 meters, 1.52 meters and 1.55 meters precast slabs in size. 1.44m is the standard size of precast concrete panels extensions.
  • What is the pattern on the existing concrete slabs? Smooth, Louver etc. Check on the other sided of the vibracrete wall as well.


You want to raise your vibracrete concrete extend a wall by 2 panels(600mm), for 15 meters.

·        15 Meters dived 1.5 Meter per section = 10 PRECAST CONCRETE SECTIONS(You can also just count the sections from pillar to pillar)

·        10 Sections = 11 Concrete wall pillars or poles

.        20 x vibracrete wall slabs needed @ R50 each =   R 1 000.00

.       11 x 600mm precast concrete wall pillars @ R50 each =    R 803.00

                          Total = R 1 803.00

What labour is involved?

  • Insert 400mm steel profile 200mm in to existing precast vibracrete wall pillar(between panel and pillar). 200mm will extend on top of your stop nonsense wall.
  • Mix half  a wheelbarrow of plaster mix.
  • In the first and last vibracrete wall pillar drill a hole in the centre of each vibracrete wall pillar. You can start now with your first section.
  • Clean up precast wall pillar top with water. Add plaster mix.
  • Insert the first 600mm precast walling pillar with 1 x10mm x 200mm long dowel.
  • Insert your first precast concrete wall panel.
  • On your next concrete wall pole ad your plaster mix after cleaning.
  • Insert your next 600mm precast vibracrete wall pillar.
  • Now insert your second precast concrete wall slab.
  • Finish of your plaster and section one of you precast stop nonsense walling extension is done.
  • You are now a mend a wall specialist!

Cost on this section will be estimated R140.00 per meter.      

B.    We do all the hard work for you(we extend a wall for you)

We charge R245 p.m. for a 600mm (2 Slab up) precast concrete stop nonsense vibracrete walling  extension

This includes;

o   Material

o   Labour

o   Transport

o   5 year Guarantee

o   VAT


No you can decide what will suit your needs.

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